About Us

Who we are And What we do

Golocl is a product by¬†Entelligentsia India.¬†Entelligentsia started in Pune, IN in 2009 by Boni Gopalan and Amit Sharma. Golocl’s mission is to help local businesses using internet and software as primary tools. We believe local businesses in India are not getting maximum possible discoverability and marketing opportunity on leading search platforms. Through the initial set of products offered through our platform we are making it our business to correct this situation. The world we are trying to create in the next two years will have 6,00,000 SME indian businesses from 10 T1 and 12 T2 cities in India well portrayed on all leading search platforms without any middle men.

The Founders

The People who made it possible

Amit Sharma
Boni Gopalan